Breaking Amish: Brave New World Episode 6 Replay

Episode Title: Forbidden Fruit
Original Airdate: June 16, 2013

Watch Breaking Amish: Brave New World Episode 6 Replay Online. The drama, struggle and adventure of Abe, Rebecca, Kate, Sabrina and Jeremiah continue as they trek in the Brave New World in Sarasota, Florida. Last week, we have seen Abe’s mother takes the center stage. It is quite a fun to see the older Amish take delight of the new surroundings like seeing Afro-American for the first time.

In the Breaking Amish: Brave New World Episode 6, Mary will once again steal the scene from the young Amishes as she returns on screen. In this episode an unexpected exchange between Mary and her son, Abe will happen. Thanks to their Amish upbringing, Mary and Abe had never hugged. But Abe wanted to change that. Abe ask her mother if he can give her a hug, and for the first time, the mother and hugged. Abe later described the hug as “weird and awesome at the same time,” and said it was something he would do again. It should be interesting to see if Mary decides to go back to her community — especially if Abe decides not to.

The Breaking Amish: Brave New World Episode 6 is scheduled to air on Sunday, June 16, 2013 on TLC. This episode is titled ‘Forbidden Fruit.’ The TLC had announced another spinoff of the series. The upcoming series is called Breaking Amish: LA. The new series will have all-new cast s

Breaking Amish: Brave New World Episode 6 Synopsis:

When Kate gets a modeling gig, she hopes that it will allow her to escape for a while. Katie Ann decides on her future and Mary is shocked. Jeremiah finds some footage of Kate that shocks everyone.

Episode Preview:


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