Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1 Episode 5

Episode Title: The Tower
Original Airdate: May 10, 2013

Watch Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1 Episode 5 Online. Let’s have another glimpse on the mysterious past of the world renowned genius. We are now on the second half of the season, and sometimes this version of Da Vinci is just infuriating. As a modern TV viewer watching Da Vinci’s Demons as a fictional series and not a historical account of Da Vinci’s life, the ease with which Leo just discovers everything has started to occasionally feel like some deus ex machina action. And most of the time, the series is so incapable of subtlety that it destroys any semblance of immersion.

In the previous episode, Bechhi is accused of spying for Rome and Leonardo reveals his latest weapon as the armies of Rome and Florence face off. So, let the Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1 Episode 5 tell us another butchered historical facts about the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. This episode is titled ‘The Tower.’ It is scheduled to air on Friday, May 10, 2013 on The CW at 10/9c.

Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1 Episode 5 Synopsis:

Lorenzo orders Piero da Vinci to defend his estranged son in court and Leonardo surprises the corrupt judge during a performance for visiting royalty. Meanwhile, the Turk visits Leonardo at his workshop.

Episode Preview:


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