Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 19 Replay

Episode Title: The Kiss
Original Air Date: April 16, 2013

Watch Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 19 Replay Online. Bluebell goes Shakespearean! In the Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 19, Bluebell is putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet and George and Zoe have been cast as the star-crossed lovers. Zoe and George want to prove that they are completely over each other and they’re going to use the play to show everyone that there is nothing between them. But will the kiss change their mind?

The Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 19 is scheduled to air on Monday, April 16, 2013 on The CW. Do you think it is a good idea for the duo to share a kiss? Considering the romantic history between these two characters over the past year or so, you can believe that this is going to be awkward. But it also might ignite some spark that had been left unnoticed. This episode is titled ‘The Kiss.’ Bethany Rooney directed the episode written by Leila Gerstein.

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 19 Synopsis:

When the town decides to put on a performance of Shakespeare’s most iconic scenes, George and Zoe refuse to play Romeo and Juliet, but eventually agree just to prove to everyone that they are over each other. Lemon and Wade are excited about taking over the reins at the Rammer Jammer, but things come to a halt when they lose all the staff two days before opening. Meanwhile, Brick decides to offer a week of free counseling to everyone in BlueBell and winds up helping the two most unlikely people, but in his effort to help others he learns a secret he has been keeping from himself.

Episode Preview:


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