Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 Replay

Episode Title: The Rings Of Akhaten
Original Airdate: April 6, 2013

Watch Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 Replay Online. Did you know that the 2010 Guinness World Records listed Doctor Who as the “most successful Science Fiction television series in the world”? Now you know. This Saturday, Doctor Who will add another awesome episode to the long list of other brilliant episodes. The Doctor Who (2005) Season 7 Episode 7 is titled ‘The Rings Of Akhaten.’ My theory, the Akhenaten on the episode titled would be referring to the Egyptian Pharaoh in 1334 BC, he was the husband of Queen Nefertiti who considered him a human sleeping potion. She referred to him as Amenhotep.

The Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 “The Rings of Akhaten” begins when Clara asks the Doctor to show her “Something awesome.” This episode was written by Neil Cross, a huge Doctor Who fan, who is also an award winning novelist and scriptwriter. He is the creator and sole writer of the international multi-award-winning BBC crime thriller Luther, starring Idris Elba. It was directed by Farren Blackburn. It is scheduled to air on Saturday, April 6, 2013 on BBC (UK), BBC America and Space in Canada.

You may watch Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 replay online if you happen to miss this episode on TV or you don’t have access to its TV broadcast.

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 Synopsis:

Clara wants to see something awesome, so the Doctor whisks her off to the inhabited rings of the planet Akhaten, where the Festival of Offerings is in full swing. Clara meets the young Queen of Years as the pilgrims and natives ready for the ceremony. But something is stirring in the pyramid, and a sacrifice will be demanded.

Doctor Who (2005) Season 7 Episode 76 Preview:


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