Shameless (US) Season 3 Episode 11 Replay

Episode Title: Order Room Service
Original Airdate: March 31, 2013

Watch Shameless (US) Season 3 Episode 11 Replay Online. Shameless fun and drama is coming right up as the Gallagher family returns this Sunday with a brand new episode. The third season of Shameless is quickly coming to a close. And there is one thought that’s on my mind. Is this the best season of Shameless yet? Season 3 certainly has some of the best comedic scenes. With Frank out of the house, the Gallagher brood seems to have a semblance of peaceful home life. But how long this could last?

We have only has one episode of Shameless to go before we hit the season finale, and I can only expect that the laughs won’t stop. I am already looking forward to watch Shameless (US) replays just to relive the moments of Shameless Gallagher antics. Remember when Veronica put the tarp over her mother the first time Kevin had sex with her. Unforgettable.

Anyway, the Shameless (US) Season 3 Episode 11 is scheduled to air its TV premiere on Sunday, March 31, 2013 on Showtime. This episode is the 35th episode overall.

Shameless (US) Season 3 Episode 11 Synopsis:

Fiona takes the kids on a camping trip. Essentially homeless, Frank seeks out Carl who sneaks him into the Gallagher van for the night.

Shameless (US) Season 3 Episode 10 Preview:


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