The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Replay

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 ‘I Ain't a Judas’Episode Title: I Ain’t a Judas
Original Airdate: February 24, 2013

Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Replay Online. It’s time for the action-packed, gruesome and totally thrilling episode of the best zombie apocalypse show on TV today. Things are getting more and more interesting and exciting as we are moving forward to the end of the season. On Sunday, February 24, 2013 will air brand new episode titled ‘I Ain’t a Judas.’ The episode title refers to Judas Iscariot and his betrayal of Jesus Christ to the Jewish officials in 30 AD. To be called a Judas is to be called a traitor.

According to comic book guru/executive producer Robert Kirkman, “Episode 10 made you really hate The Governor. The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 builds towards what is going to happen this season when a bigger battle begins. Back at the prison. Rick ends up taking a step back, while his group figures out what to do next (the result is kill). And someone ends up being a new resource to the team. Merle have read the bible enough to impress Hershel. Andrea ends up leaving Woodbury, but just for a short time.

Where is [Tyreese] and his people in episode 10 you might add? Well, he and his people left the prison. They end up meeting someone in the woods, some new people to them, but not to us viewers. This put Ty and his group in probably good graces with someone we know on the show, or are they zombie dinner?”

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 ‘I Ain’t a Judas’ promises to a totally awesome episode. You may catch the replay of this episode here at if you happen to miss this episode on TV.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Synopsis:

With their security threatened, Rick and the group must make a choice. With Woodbury in a police state, Andrea grows uneasy.

Episode Preview:

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