Arrow Season 1 Episode 10 Replay

Episode Title: Burned
Original Airdate: January 16, 2013

Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 10 Replay Online. The newest superhero on television will return searing hot this Wednesday with the Arrow Season 1 Episode 10 ‘Burned’ episode. When Arrow returns on Wednesday, January 16, Oliver will be drawn into the fiery world of Garfield Lynns, aka Firefly.

Firefly is a character from the Batman comics. What’s even stranger is that the two characters don’t share the same backstory. In the Batman universe, Firefly is a special effects wizard who uses his pyrotechnic skills for evil. However, on Arrow TV series, Firefly Firefly is a former fireman who was burnt severely after the Fire Chief left him behind. This led to him being a vengeful recluse, eventually causing his wife and kids to leave him.

This episode promises are awesome action and drama. With Arrow and Firefly, we could expect a blazing hot episode what would make you want for more. This is a must-see episode, but, if ever you miss watching this episode of TV, you may watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 10 replay online. We will be providing online streaming and download links for your convenience. Enjoy the show!

Arrow Season 1 Episode 10 Synopsis:

“Oliver’s confidence is shaken after being beaten by the Dark Archer and he takes a break from being Arrow. However, when Laurel calls Arrow for help investigating a firefighter’s suspicious death, he reluctantly agrees but his hesitance while fighting almost costs him his life. Meanwhile, Tommy throws a benefit for the firefighters and Thea tries to lift Moira out of her depressive state.”

Episode Preview:


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