Scandal Season 2 Episode 8

Episode Title: Happy Birthday, Mr. President
Original Airdate: December 6, 2012

Politics and scandal goes really well together. As we could, scandal is the mistress of politics. In the upcoming Scandal Season 2 Episode 8 we will about to see how scandal is being a part in the world of politics. This episode is titled ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’. The episode was referenced to the famous song sung by actress and singer Marilyn Monroe on Saturday, May 19, 1962, for President John F. Kennedy at a celebration of his forty-fifth birthday, ten days before the actual day of his 45th birthday (Tuesday, May 29). Monroe sang the traditional “Happy Birthday to You” lyrics in a sultry voice, with “Mr. President” inserted as Kennedy’s name. The Marilyn Monroe rendition of the song was also laced with scandal as it is rumored that she had an affair with President John F. Kennedy at that time.

The Scandal Season 2 Episode 8 ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ is scheduled to air on Thursday, December 6, 2012 on ABC at 10/9c. This episode was written by the show creator Shonda Rhimes and directed by Oliver Bokelberg.

Scandal Season 2 Episode 8 Synopsis:

A national tragedy forces Olivia to return to work at the White House. Meanwhile, we learn more about the first few days of Fitz’s presidency.

Episode Preview:

You may watch Scandal Season 2 Episode 8 here at if you happen to miss watching this episode on TV.


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