Revenge Season 2 Episode 3

Episode Title: Confidence
Original Airdate: October 14, 2012

Revenge will be served in the silver screen this Sunday, October 14, 2012. Are you ready to take your own fill of Revenge? This week’s episode, the Revenge Season 2 Episode 3 is entitled ‘Confidence.’ In this episode, the Graysons are back in the spotlight and at the center of a media storm once again, while Emily’s past continues to haunt her. Bring out the popcorn, and clear out your favorite spot because the Revenge is about to be served.

If you haven’t made yourself a true Revenge addict, you should start doing so. If you are not, then you’re seriously missing something great. One thing that Revenge never fails to deliver is that your jaw will hit the floor almost every minute, because it is just shock and surprise one after the other. Personally, I’m just absolutely stunned by the quality of this show! It is beyond amazing and I can’t wait for more episodes of Revenge.

The Revenge Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Confidence’ was directed by J. Miller Tobin and co-written by Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harbert. This episode is the 25th episode overall. Revenge is a suspenseful drama that leaves you wanting more every week. It stars Emily VanCamp on the lead role as Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke. The series airs every Sundays on ABC at 9:00 PM (ET).

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