Boss Season 2 Episode 6

boss starz tv seriesEpisode Title: Backflash
Original Airdate: September 21, 2011

Watch Boss Season 2 Episode 6 Online. The Boss will be taking the center stage this Friday as the Boss Season 2 Episode 6 air on HBO. The Boss TV series follows the drama in the life of Tom Kane, the Mayor of Chicago, who has recently been diagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies, a degenerative neurological disorder. Determined to remain in charge, Kane conceals the disease from everyone around him except his own physician, Dr. Ella Harris. Those around Kane are too busy with their own lives to notice anything unusual.

In the upcoming, Boss Season 2 Episode 6, tensions at the housing project escalate from unrest to rioting. Meanwhile, Kane’s past haunts him when he quietly seeks treatment at an alternative clinic. This would be another episode of pure drama and entertainment.

The Boss Season 2 Episode 6 is entitled Backflash and it is scheduled to air on September 21, 2012 on HBO. This episode is the 14th episode overall.


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