Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2 Episode 2 – Sweet Symphony

Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2The sweet battle on kitchen supremacy started last week as Top Chef: Just Desserts commenced. The show started with 14 pastry chef to battle for $100.000, a feature in Food & Wine magazine and a showcase at the Annual Food & Wine Cayman Cookout. This Wednesday, August 31, 2011 the sinfully sweet Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2 Episode 2 – Sweet Symphony will air on Bravo at 10/9c.

In the Quick Fire Challenge in the previous episode, the Chefs were paired up to create a modern soda fountain treat. The too nervous and least experience Craig and his egoistic partner Lina land in the bottom along with Orlando and Megan. Carlos and Rebecca impress with a cereal milkshake, but it’s the creation of Amanda and Nelson who end up winning the first Quick Fire challenge giving both chefs the immunity in Elimination Challenge.

In the Top Chef Kitchen Elimination Challenge, players are divided into teams and given famous fairy tales to base a showpiece and two plated desserts off of.

The dishes presented were:

Team Red Riding Hood (Matthew, Amanda, Carlos, and Chris): Rose scented bomboloni, coconut tapioca, and red berry gelee; Blackout sponge cake, cocoa nib nougatine, poached cherries, and micro basil

Team Goldilocks (Rebecca, Sally, Orlando, and Nelson): Almond bar with fruits of the forest with honey ice cream; Baby Bear’s porridge, hot rainier cherries, basil syrup, and cherry sorbet

Team Jack and The Beanstalk (Katzie, Craig, and Megan): Bergamot clouds, whipped lemon ricotta, sweet pea sobert, and spiced golden syrup; Brown butter hazelnut cake, lemongrass stalk infused cream, and passion fruit

Team Hansel and Gretel (Melissa, Lina, and Vanarin): Butterscotch brioche, goat cheese mousse, and smoked pineapple; Chocolate cloud, milk sherbert, and hibiscus apple seltzer

The Team Goldilocks and the Team Red Riding Hood end up to be the chefs of the challenge, while the Team Jack and The Beanstalk and Team Hansel and Gretel are the bottom chefs. At the end of the episode, Lina goes home.

In the Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2 Episode 2 another round of sweet battle is ready to engage. Who will be the top chef on this episode and who will go home?

Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2 Episode 2 Synopsis

To celebrate the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the chefs must create a cake experience in three movements to be served to the symphony members and patrons after their performance.

You may watch Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2 Episode 2 on Bravo at 10/9c on Wednesday or catch it here at


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