Teen Spirit Movie (2011)

TEEN SPIRIT ABC Family Original MovieThere’s nothing more exciting like the life of a teenager. The Teen Spirit is the most engaging aspect of our personality. Life of a teenager could be fun, exciting but at the same time it could be confusing and intimidating as well. This Sunday, August 07, 2011 the ABC Family will premiere the Teen Spirit, their newest original movie that would discuss the fun and hardship in the life of a teenager.

The Teen Spirit ABC Family original movie is a two-hour movie that stars Cassie Scerbo, Lindsey Shaw and Tim Gunn. This movie promises clean fun and drama which very suitable for younger audience. The teens and tweens would surely love to watch Teen Spirit because they could relate to the characters of the story.

It seems also that the Teen Spirit (ABC Family movie) is the only high school movie in the history of television that contains a reference to musical genius of the composer Charles Ives. Ive’s composition the Concord sonata happens to be a favorite of Lisa, one of the lead characters of the movie. You may think that the Teen Spirit may look like normal cable junk, but the talented filmmakers take things to another level. The script sparkles with snark, and the actors are all gifted comedians.

Teen Spirit Synopsis:

Amber Pollock is the mean queen bee of Eugene Ashley High School, and the only thing missing to her reign and make her title official is the Prom Queen title. Amber had been working for years in her of winning Prom Queen title and most popular girl status. Amber lets nothing and no one stands in her way. But then, all her meanness and bad behavior came back to haunt her literally a freak accident at Prom ends Amber’s short, nearly-perfect life and, facing an unpleasant after-life, she is given the task that could save her soul – to get the school’s least popular girl to be voted Prom Queen.

When Amber was assigned to Lisa Sommers as her change, she is sure that her future would sunk, badly. Because Lisa is a shy, awkward geek who makes claymation films with her three best friends and whose fashion sense is makes Amber cringe. And the most difficult thing Amber has to tackle, is that Lisa would not want to be a Prom Queen. Being a Prom Queen is the last thing she wanted to be. But when Amber offers to help her get the attention of her crush, Nick, Lisa gives Amber the benefit of the doubt.

Teen Spirit is a feel good movie that would make you to experience the teenager life once again. Tune in to ABC Family on Sunday, August 07, 2011 at 7:00PM (ET/PT) and enhance your fun Teen Spirit. Will a head-to-toe makeover and some confidence-building advice really be able to turn a shy and awkward teen into a high school social power player? Only Heaven knows!


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