Victorious Season 2 Episode 6: Locked Up

Victorious Season 2The Victorious gang got arrested and locked up jail? Seriously? If you want to be updated on this latest adventure or shall I say misadventure of our favorite gang on TV, then you should have to watch Victorious Season 2 Episode 6: Locked Up. The Victorious – Locked Up episode is the special 2-part episode which will air on Saturday July 30, 2011.

The Locked Up episode will comprise the Victorious Season 2 Episode 6 and episode 7 and will be presented as a movie. This episode will be the second Victorious movie, with the Freak the Freak Out as the first. The part 1 of this episode will air at 8:00 PM (ET/PT) and then will be followed by the part 2. You can watch Victorious Season 2 Episode 6 on Nickelodeon or online here at

Featured Song: I Want You Back (originally sung by the Jackson 5) and All I Want Is Everything (Victoria Justice new original song)

Victorious Season 2 Episode 6 Synopsis:

The Victorious gang, including Sikowitz and Rex, went to a foreign country called Yerba. The gang planned a perfect getaway vacation with a lot sun, luxurious accommodation and service plus delicious food but the planned goes awry when they are placed in a rundown hotel room with critters and insects, as well as disgusting meals.

A citizen of Yerba, who is also the owner of the hotel came to them and promises great food, an awesome hotel room, and plane fare only if they perform for the prime minister of Yerba, who will be coming to the hotel. The gang obviously agrees. But while dancing for the prime minister, Tori’s shoe comes off her foot, flies across the room, and hits the prime minister in the eye. Because of this “shoe malfunction” they were locked up in jail and sentenced to four years in a Yerbanian prison. Eventually, Tori concoct a plan to get out, which involves a hit song.

Let’s join the gang and have fun. Don’t dare to miss the latest episode of Victorious Season 2. Enjoy!


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