Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 7: Night School

Teen wolf (2011) TV SeriesTired of vampire drama? If you are fed-up of blood-sucking vampires on your TV sets why not try the growling werewolves for a change. If you think vampires were the cutest, try to watch Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 7 and will find out that the werewolves are much, much cuter. Teen Wolf is a teen drama about the ordinary teenage boy who accidentally bitten by a werewolf and become a werewolf too. It may sound cliché, but it’s not. It has very good scenes and very good plot as well.

Teen Wolf might be it’s a teen drama, but it’s actually a good teen drama. The show has dumb moments, and sometimes the musical cues can be a bit heavy-handed, but the soundtrack is great and, by and large, there are some good things going on in spite of the audience. In general, Teen Wolf is quite a good show, much better than Twilight actually. Twilight fanatic will hate me, but it’s true. Teen Wolf is better than Twilight.

The Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 7: Night School will mark the second half of the first season of the Teen Wolf who supposedly have 12 episodes in total for the season 1. The Nigh School episode is scheduled to be aired on Monday, July 11, 2011 on MTV at 10/9c. You may also watch this episode online here at freepoptv.com.

Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 7 Synopsis:

Scott, Alison, Stiles and others gets trapped in the high school overnight, and they’re under the threat of attack from a powerful werewolf, who’s trying to get in. Will they survive?


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