Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2: Day of the Moon

Doctor Who Season 6Last week, the Doctor Who returns with a very loud BANG! Honestly, it was one of the best Doctor Who I had watched so far. It is an awesome start for a very promising new season of Doctor Who. I really don’t know how express my impression articulately but I can sum up my thoughts regarding the “The Impossible Astronaut” episode in one single word, and that is BRILLIANT!

It looked like a movie and had a wonderful air of mystery about it. The aliens are amazingly scary and that bathroom scene will go down in history as one of Doctor Who’s scariest ever scenes. Would the upcoming Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2: Day of the Moon could top the performance of the first episode?

The Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2: Day of the Moon is the second part of the two-part premiere episode of Doctor Season 6 which was written by Steven Moffat. The Day of the Moon episode is scheduled to be shown in the UK on BBC One, in the U.S. on BBC America, and in Canada on Space on 30 April 2011.

Alex Kingston will reprise her role as River Song on this episode. She will be joined by guest stars Mark Sheppard as Canton Delaware, Stuart Milligan as President Richard Nixon, Kerry Shale as Dr. Renfrew, Sydney Wade as Little Girl and many more. You way watch Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2 online if you happen to miss it on TV. Personally, I can’t wait to see what will happen in this episode. I actually have no idea what is going to happen. The previous episode was not your typical “ahhh we’re surrounded by baddies” cliffhanger rather it is more of a “we’re not sure what’s going on” cliffhanger. So hang on everyone because we are on the spiraling ride.

Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2: Day of the Moon Synopsis:

River Song, and the Doctor companions, Rory and Amy are being hunted down by FBI all over America while the Doctor is trapped in the perfect prison. But with the help of FBI-insider Canton Everett Delaware the Third they are reunited to share their discoveries, if not their memories.

Meanwhile, the world is occupied by alien forces that control humanity through post-hypnotic suggestion and no one can be trusted. With the help of US President Nixon and astronaut Neil Armstrong’s foot, the Doctor must mount a revolution to drive out the enemy and rescue the missing little girl. No-one knows why they took her. Or why they have kidnapped Amy Pond.

Ramp up the TARDIS and lets go travel through time.



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